This blog will be a English blog.



Hello everyone.
Thank you for reading this blog.
Today,I tell you a great news.
From today,this blog change English blog.
So,I'll change all contents to English from today.
This is too difficult,but I try and make it real.
I'm sorry for my fool English.
I hope today will be a great April day!

Posted by 架空の姉 at 18:13│Comments(4)

Wow, great!!
I always enjoy your blog.

And please take care of yourself.
Posted by ゆ. at 2017年04月01日 20:41

The impression changes dramatically just with blond hair.
Posted by 実在の弟 at 2017年04月01日 22:16

so cuto, Lovely & coquettish♪
I was surprised because it is different from the usual and elaborate.
A little An illustration It is the style of the American...?
Posted by nenemako at 2017年04月02日 00:13

It's great thing!
I cheer your try. Thank you.
Posted by at by at 2017年04月02日 02:42